Men's Health The Fat Burner's Bible

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FR - Veuillez noter que ce livre est en Anglais.
DE - Bitte beachten Sie, dass dieses Buch auf englisch ist.
ES - Importante: Este libro está en Inglés.
IT - Si prega di notare che questo libro è scritto in inglese.
SE - Denna bok är på engelska.
HR - Ova knjiga je napisana na engleskom jeziku.
PT - Por favor note que este livro se encontra escrito em inglês.
DK - Bemærk venligst at bogen er på engelsk.
NL - Let op: dit boek is in het Engels.
RO - Aten?ie - aceast? carte este în limba englez?!
PL - Uprzejmie zwracamy uwag?, ?e ksi??ka jest w j?zyku angielskim.
SK - Upozor?ujeme, že táto kniha je po anglicky.

This is the new book from the experts at Men's Health, designed to help you sear away pounds fast. It's not just another fad diet: it’s been created using a long-term plan that’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of success stories worldwide. It will get you the body you want and show you how to keep it. Guaranteed. From cutting-edge science to real-life case studies, this is the only weight-loss guide you’ll ever need.


  • Five easy rules that will keep you lean forever
  • The secrets of the 13 men who lost 85 stone!
  • Tried-and-tested fat-burning supplements
  • The two-minute drill that supercharges metabolism
  • Six smart food swaps that will save you 1,591 calories

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Men's Health The Fat Burner's Bible

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Men's Health The Fat Burner's Bible